Book review;Tanzimat reforms and after.

This is topic: Tanzimat reforms and after.

Assignment; Book review, use 2 books related to my topic.

I need 2 book review, which is mean the assignment are 2 papers, each one has to be more than 3 pages.

For the Book Review:

You must summarize what each chapter in the book discusses. However, you don’t need to discuss issues that are not relevant to your topic. So for example:

Chapter 1 of the book discusses AAA

Chapter 2 of the book discusses BBB

Chapter 3 of the book discusses CCC. CCC is not relevant to the topic. [A two sentence paragraph]

Chapter 4 of the book discusses DDD.

If there are too many chapters, then group chapters together.


Chicago Regerencing Style;

Footnotes and Bibliographies in the Chicago Manual of Style (Humanities)

Sample footnotes

The rain in Spain falls in the plains.  “The text that you quoted from a source must be footnoted.”[1]  You must footnote always, with no exceptions.  Uncommon knowledge that most readers will not know must also be footnoted, regardless of using quotation marks or not.[2]  How do you know if its uncommon knowledge, if it’s something that’s not covered in class it’s probably uncommon knowledge.  “After the first citation, use the last name of the author and the page number.”[3]

If the material is from a different book then footnote the first time with full citation.[4]  “If you have to footnote from a book that you used earlier, use the author’s name and page number.”[5]  It should be pretty easy to see the pattern now.[6]  “Do not forget, to italicize the book title.”[7]  Too much footnote is better than too little footnote.[8]



Bibliography page must be a separate page!

List the books and articles you used in alphabetical order of the Author’s Family Name.  You also don’t use ( ) for the bibliography.


So see the next page.




If the footnoting format or the bibliography format is incorrect, your paper will be penalized.



If you still have questions, go to the Chicago Manual of Style webpage or ask the librarians.




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