HRM – Business Management

HRM – Business Management

Project Description

Task scenario:

A medium sized hotel business located in London has 80 employees working in morning, day and night shifts. The business has been known for being very friendly and customer focused. However, since the last year, due to the immense competition in the sector, the business has been under a pressure in order to improve its performance and profit. The profit has gone down since the last year. The reason for the fall in profits has not been clearly known, hence, it has become a difficult situation for the company and its employees.

Despite this, the owner is determined to turn around the business, and expects his managers and employees to work hard in order to improve overall performance and profit of the organsiation. The HR manager suggested to the owner to review the staffing strategy and develop their employees. The owner has now asked HR managers to write a report addressing the following areas;


(1) Introduction: You are required to define the term Human resource management and outline the background of the report.
(200 words)

(2) Outline and explain THREE HRM functions that are appropriate for the above mentioned business.
(600 words)

(3) Considering the situation of the above mentioned hotel, discuss any TWO suitable workforce planning methods that can be used in their organisation.

(500 words)

(4) Describe the ways in which the overall performance of the above mentioned hotel business can be improved by developing their employees.

(500 words)

(5) Providing the reasons, outline any TWO key areas of employment legislation that need to be considered by HR department of the above mentioned business.

(500 words)

Conclusion: Brief summary of the key discussions.

Recommendation: Outline any FOUR recommendations suggesting the key HR priorities for the organisation in the current context.
(200 words)

Total word count: 2500 words

Structure of a report:

• Task 1 (Introduction) (200 words)
• Task 2 (600 words)
• Task 3 (500 words)
• Task 4 (500 words)
• Task 5 (500 words)
• Conclusion and recommendation (200 words)
• Bibliography

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